Farting doodle stickman game Pro

4.4 ( 4994 ratings )
Jeux Divertissement Aventure Famille
Développeur Thundercorp Mobile LLC.
1.99 USD

Farting your way to save the girl!

This game does not have any ads!

The love of your life was kidnapped by monsters and the only way to save her, is to use your farting power.

Fart your way through HUGE amounts of monsters, obstacles and challenges and save the girl.

Do you have what it takes to win and show the world what youre made of?

"***** Very addicting game and its free!"

"***** Must Play!"

"***** Oh my god this game is so cool!"


* Discover how to use farts to kill monster!

* Different kinds of farts do different things, use them wisely!

* Eat beans to increase your farting power!

* Multiple monsters and obstacles to fight your way through

* No annoying levels or unlocks, you get the full game for free!!!

* Gamecenter Leaderboards

* Facebook and twitter integration

* Ironic graphics